Personal Self Storage

If you are moving, renovating, or just looking to declutter your home, our personal self storage units are the perfect solution for you. 

Our facilities are gated and monitored by 24/7 security cameras, easy for you to access, and affordable. 

View our unit sizes to find the unit that is right for you and book online today. If you have any questions regarding our facilities or storage units please reach out to us!

How Can Businesses Benefit From Self Storage?

Our Storage Unit Sizes

If you own a home or rent a home an are looking to declutter your space, our units are the ideal solution for you. Whether you just want space for some seasonal items or you are in the process of moving or renovations and need to store all of your belongs, our units can accommodate your belongings securely. 

If you're a student who's home for the summer holidays or who is going on a semester abroad, our storage units are the perfect solution for you. Whether you just need to store books and school supplies, or you're looking to store the contents of a dorm room, we have a unit size that will work for you. 

If you are a collector of art, toys, sneakers, or anything in between, we offer a safe and secure environment to store your valuables. Our facilities are all gated and monitored by 24/7 security cameras so you can rest assured these precious items and safe and sound. 

If you are an athlete or have a family with people who play sport, sporting equipment can quickly pile up and clutter your home. If you need an easily accessibly space to store these items seasonally, our storage units are the perfect way to conveniently store these goods. 

If you are in the military and are being deployed or moved to another state, our storage units are the perfect space to securely store your items while you are away. We offer affordable pricing and flexible lease periods so you can cancel at anytime when you return home. 

If you work in trades and have excess tools or equipment that are cluttering your home space, our storage units are the secure solution for you. Our facilities are secure and easily accessible so you can quickly access your tools when you need them and feel peace of mind while they are in your unit. 

Our Small Self Storage Units

Our smaller-sized unit options are ideal for people looking to declutter their homes. These units are great for storing personal items such as clothes or smaller appliances and seasonal items such as holiday decorations, sporting equipment, and more.  

5' x 5'

  • Seasonal Decorations
  • Sports Equipment
  • Personal Items
  • 5-8 Boxes

5' x 10'

  • Appliances (e.g. fridge, microwave)
  • Smaller Furniture
  • Bikes
  • Around 20 boxes
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Our Medium Self Storage Units

Our medium-sized personal self-storage units are perfect for those who are looking to securely store extra furniture, the contents of bedrooms or a small home, appliances, and more. 

5' x 15'

  • Large Appliances
  • Furniture
  • 2 Medium Bedrooms

10' x 10'

  • Appliances and Furniture
  • Contents of Small Home
  • 100 - 140 boxes

10' x 12'

  • Furniture Sets
  • 3 Bedrooms House
  • Around 150 boxes

Our Large Self Storage Units

Our large storage units are optimal for people who are in the process of moving, renovating, or who have substantial storage needs. These units can fit the contents of an apartment or home, multiple appliances, vehicles and more. 

10' x 15'

  • Motor Bikes
  • Various Large Appliances
  • Full Size Apartments

10' x 20'

  • Multiple Items of large Furniture
  • Small Vehicles
  • Contents of Multi-Bedroom Home

10' x 25'

  • Vehicles
  • Oversized Furniture
  • Around 300 Boxes
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Our Locations

Convenient Self Storage Near You

At Click Storage, we have 9  locations in Oklahoma and a location in Liberal, Texas. Our locations are easily accessible so you can access your personal belongings whenever you need. 

View our locations to find one nearest you and book your storage unit with us online today!