E-Commerce Self Storage

If your e-commerce business is growing and you need an affordable and secure space to store inventory, documents, and other business-related items, our units are the solution for you.

Our units are available in multiple sizes. Whether you have bulky inventory items or need a smaller space to begin archiving items, we have a space that will meet your needs. 

Our facilities are gated, and we have 24/7 video surveillance throughout, so you can rest assured that your valuable inventory and other business items are safe and secure.

Our flexible rental periods give you the ability to have extra space without the expensive and long-term commitment of having to move or rent a warehouse.

At Click Storage, we are here to support you as your business expands. If you are interested in our self storage units easily book online today or contact us to learn more!

How Can E-Commerce Businesses Benefit From Self Storage?

If your e-commerce business is expanding and you need extra space for inventory, while moving to a larger office, or have business materials piling up, our storage units are the solution for you. Our units are available in multiple sizes, so no matter how big your business is or how fast you are growing, we have a unit that will work for your needs as you grow. 

If you work from home or have a smaller office space, our storage units are a great way to declutter and stay organized. Our facilities are secure and easily accessible so you can access your inventory when needed and can rest assured that your products are safe while you're away. 

If you are looking for a place to securely store important files and documents, our self storage units are a great way to keep organized. Our units are easily accessible, so whenever you need your paperwork you can easily visit your unit. 

If you run an e-commerce business and are becoming overwhelmed with business-related supplies, our storage units provide a secure place to store, organize, and declutter your space. Whether you have lots of packaging and shipping materials, marketing-related items, electronics, or anything in between, our units can fit it all and help you declutter your workspace.

If you are beginning to accumulate a large archive of products that are taking up space, our units can provide a secure place to store these items and free up space for you. With 24/7 video surveillance, you can rest assured that these items are in a safe space. 

If your e-commerce business has greater inventory during certain seasons or holidays, our storage units can provide you with the extra space you need for excess inventory. We offer flexible rental periods, so you can have the storage space without a long-term commitment.

Our Storage Unit Sizes

Our Small Self Storage Units

Our smaller storage units, sized 5’x5′ and 5’x10, are ideal for e-commerce businesses that are in need of a space to store files and documents, packaging materials, and smaller inventory.

5' x 5'

  • Documents (e.g. files, contracts, records)
  • Office Supplies
  • 5-8 Boxes

5' x 10'

  • Smaller or Seasonal Inventory
  • Packaging Materials
  • Around 20 boxes
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Our Medium Self Storage Units

Our medium storage units are available in 5’x15′, 10’x10′, and 10’x12. If your business is growing and your work space is becoming cluttered, these units are great for storing inventory, supplies, and other business-related electronics or materials. 

5' x 15'

  • Files and Documents
  • Electronics
  • Contents of 2 Medium Rooms

10' x 10'

  • Small Business Inventory
  • Multiple Filing Cabinets
  • 100 - 140 boxes

10' x 12'

  • Marketing Materials (e.g. photography equipment, pop-up stands)
  • Shelving and Multiple Cabinets
  • Around 150 boxes

Our Large Self Storage Units

If your e-commerce business is expanding, you have large amounts of inventory, or you sell bulky items, our large storage units are a secure and accessible solution for you. Available in 10’x15′, 10’x20′, and 10’x25, these units can meet all of your e-commerce storage needs. 

10' x 15'

  • Substantial Inventory
  • Good for Transitional Periods
  • Contents of Full Size Apartments

10' x 20'

  • Bulky Inventory
  • Large Amount of Shipping Related Materials
  • Contents of Room Space

10' x 25'

  • Bulky Business Inventory (e.g. furniture, appliances)
  • Multiple Shelves and Filing Cabinets
  • Around 300 Boxes
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Our Locations

Convenient Self Storage Near You

At Click Storage, we have 9  locations in Oklahoma and one location in Liberal, Texas. Our various convenient locations ensure that your e-commerce inventory and business storage are always easily accessible to you.

View our locations to find one nearest you and book your storage unit with us online today!