10x25 Storage Size Guide

Our 10×25 storage units offer a substantial 250 square feet of space. These units are great if you are looking to store larger vehicles or machinery, an extensive business inventory, the contents of a larger home, or any other bulky items that require a large space. These units can store approximately 300 boxes of items. 

If you are moving, renovating, have a growing business, or just have a lot of items that you don’t use every day, a 10×20 storage unit can help you stay organized.

All of our facilities are highly secure and are monitored by 24/7 video surveillance so you can rest assured that your belongings are safe while you are away. We also offer flexible rental periods to meet the unique storage needs of all our clients. 

If you are ready to rent a 10×20 storage unit with us, you can book online today! If you have any questions about our units, facilities, or which size unit is right for you, reach out to us to learn more. 

What Can You Fit in a 10x25 Storage Unit?

For businesses that require storage for large equipment or machinery, a 10x25 unit offers the extra space needed. This size is ideal for storing construction equipment, work vans or trucks, or landscaping equipment such as commercial mowers and utility vehicles. Our units offer protection for your equipment and the flexibility needed for both short-term and long-term rentals. 

If your business deals in large quantities of merchandise or you’re a wholesaler needing extra space for bulk items, a 10x20 storage unit can help. A 10x25 storage unit can accommodate pallets of products, large boxes, and bulky products. Keep your stock in a clean, organized environment and out of your valuable commercial space to optimize your operation.

For hotel managers or owners, a 10x25 storage unit offers a practical solution for storing extra furniture, seasonal decor, large quantities of linens, or event materials that are not currently in use. It’s also ideal for holding maintenance supplies, extra guest amenities, and promotional materials during off-peak seasons. This size can help in effectively managing hotel space by keeping non-essential items off-site yet still readily accessible. 

A 10x25 storage unit provides enough space to accommodate the belongings most larger homes. This size is perfect for storing multiple large furniture sets, home appliances, and other bulky items like pianos or large artwork. It's an ideal choice for those who are relocating, renovating, or simply needing to declutter their living spaces. The extended square footage ensures that everything from a spacious living room's furnishings to outdoor patio sets can be stored neatly and accessed easily when needed.

A 10x25 unit can comfortably hold up to 300 standard-sized boxes. This setup is perfect for archiving documents, storing seasonal decorations, or keeping surplus retail products. Organizing the boxes in accessible rows or stacking them safely allows for efficient use of space and easy retrieval of any specific box without hassle.

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