5x15 Storage Size Guide

With 75 square feet of space, our 5×15 storage units can accommodate around 2 bedrooms worth of items. These units are perfect for storing furniture sets, extensive seasonal decorations, significant business inventory, recreational vehicles or equipment, and more. 

The safety of your stored items is paramount to us, which is why our facilities are equipped with round-the-clock video surveillance. Our storage units ensure that both your personal and professional belongings are secure. 

Renting a 5×15 storage unit from us is straightforward and flexible. You have the convenience of booking and managing your unit online at any time. Our dedicated team is always here if you need help selecting the ideal unit for your storage needs.

What Can You Fit in a 5X15 Storage Unit?

Our spacious 5x15 storage units are ideal for storing larger pieces of furniture such as sofas, king-sized mattresses, dining room tables, and wardrobes. These units are perfect for when you're going through home renovations, relocations, or simply to free up space in your home.

Our 5x15 units are a perfect fit for businesses requiring extra space for bulk storage. They can accommodate large quantities of documents, inventory, or promotional materials, helping you keep your business organized.

The 5x15 unit size is also suitable for storing small vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs, and jet skis. With secure and accessible storage, you can protect your vehicles from the elements and keep them in prime condition when they're not in use.

Our 5x15 units are great for storing recreational and sports equipment. This includes items like paddle boards, surfboards, large tents, kayaks, and more. These units allow you to easily store your equipment during the off-season freeing up space in your home.

our 5x15 storage units offer the space needed for those with large or numerous seasonal decorations, such as life-size Halloween figures, elaborate Christmas decorations, or outdoor furniture sets. Our storage allows you to keep these items safe and organized until the next season rolls around.

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