Commercial Self Storage

Click Storage is the perfect solution for businesses that are looking for extra space. All of our facilities are secure, easy to access, and affordable.

We offer multiple different unit sizes so no matter what industry your in or what items you are looking to store, we have a unit that will work for you and your storage needs.

Book your unit online today at one of our convenient locations or contact us to learn more.

How Can Businesses Benefit From Self Storage?

Retail businesses, particularly those with fluctuating inventories like seasonal stores, can use our self-storage units to store excess stock, display units, seasonal decorations, and more. This is especially helpful for businesses with limited shop floor space, allowing them to rotate stock as needed.
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Hotels, restaurants, and catering companies can use our self-storage units for storing non-perishable food items, catering equipment, furniture, and linens. Our easily accessible units are helpful for hospitality businesses with limited storage space at their location.
Real estate agencies can utilize our self-storage units to store staging furniture, decorations, and any promotional materials. This allows realtors to create aesthetically pleasing environments for potential buyers without cluttering their own offices with excess furniture and décor.
Gyms and fitness centers can use our self-storage to house extra workout equipment, fitness gear, nutritional supplements, and more. This is particularly useful for facilities that rotate different pieces of equipment based on member needs or seasonal programming.
Artists and galleries can benefit from our secure self-storage units to store artworks, sculptures, art supplies, and more. Our facilities offer a secure environment to protect valuable pieces from damage and provide ample space for large installations, statues, and more.

Our Storage Unit Sizes

Our Small Self Storage Units

Our smaller sized units are best for businesses seeking a little extra space to declutter the office or those needing to securely store smaller items such as documents, tools, and office-related supplies. 

5' x 5'

  • Documents (e.g. files, contracts, records)
  • Office Supplies
  • Personal Items
  • 5-8 Boxes

5' x 10'

  • Office Appliances (e.g. fridge, microwave)
  • Smaller Furniture
  • Work tools & smaller equipment
  • Around 20 boxes
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Our Medium Self Storage Units

Our medium-sized storage units are ideal for growing businesses that are looking for additional space for items such as inventory. They are also great for those who are in the process of moving or rearranging and need temporary storage.

5' x 15'

  • Large Appliances
  • Office Furniture
  • 2 Medium Bedrooms

10' x 10'

  • Small Business Inventory
  • Filing Cabinets
  • 100 - 140 boxes

10' x 12'

  • Tools and Equipment
  • Shelving and Multiple Cabinets
  • Around 150 boxes

Our Large Self Storage Units

Our large storage units are optimal for businesses with substantial storage needs. These units can store machines, a large amount of inventory, and more, making them a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a warehouse.

10' x 15'

  • Bulky Inventory
  • Construction Equipment
  • Various Large Appliances
  • Full Size Apartments

10' x 20'

  • Small Trailers & Tractors
  • Larger Machinery
  • Contents of Multi-Bedroom Home

10' x 25'

  • Bulky Business Inventory
  • Vehicles
  • Oversized Furniture
  • Size of a One-Car Garage
  • Around 300 Boxes
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Our Locations

Convenient Self Storage Near You

At Click Storage, we have 9  locations in Oklahoma and a location in Liberal, Texas. Our various convenient locations ensure that your business storage is always easily accessible to you. 

View our locations to find one nearest you and book your storage unit with us online today!